Thursday, February 14, 2013

Easy Valentine Project: Baby Food Jar Moss Terrarium

We needed a quick valentine for Boy Wonder's teachers. Normally, I'm not the best at remembering these after buying the obligatory box of boring, generic kid valentines and spending the morning filling them all out for the kid...but it just so happens that today I'm volunteering in the classroom. Yipes.

It helps that I live in the warm, humid wilds of Gulf Coast Texas. We spend lots of our winter days out at parks and since I started saving Roo's baby jars, I started collecting all the moss I can find in hopes of making a terrarium shop on Etsy. When I figure out how to SHIP them, well, then I'll be in business. But until then, I'll just be the weird moss chick who keeps tiny terrariums on her window sill.

I bought the carbon and the fish bowl gravel at Walmart for about $4 each. I did a shallow layer of gravel and topped it off with a tiny bit of carbon to cut down on the mold factor. Then I just sorta smooshed in the moss and dirt I'd collected, arranged a cute little twig or rock and voila...masterpiece.

Add a red bow, a Hershey's kiss, and one witty pun...and BAM POW BOOM...instant adorable valentine.

Hope your day comes up roses...assuming that's your thing. If not, here's wishing you chocolates, or jewelry, or...umm...moss terrariums!

....with love....


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