Wednesday, March 6, 2013


i've only recently started doing linkups. where have they been all my life? better yet, where have i been all this time?

link ups are fun and even more so when you're truly active within the group. that's not always the case for me, but it IS when it comes to the newly formed influence network. i heart these ladies so much.

so, without much fanfare or further ado, here's  my entry.

1. a photo of myself that i love
i love any photo of me and the mister because they're so rare. that's just the price you pay when you're kids are so darn cute and you have so many of them (four!). but this one was a magical day/night and started a magical life. love this man with all my heart. more than cheesecake and new haircuts!

2. three things about me
oh, bother. i'm not good at these, but i'll try.
one) i'm not so great at this stay at home mom thing somedays. oh, sure, every seventh day or so, i'll hit my stride and have a clean house and clean laundry. but the reality is that a lot of the time, i'm frazzled, frustrated, and plain exhausted. i wasn't expecting it to be easy to raise four kids (three under four), but i wasn't expecting the ups and downs that came with it. i'm learning, though. slowly.
two) i keep saint jude statues/pictures/items everywhere. despite not being catholic, i believe he really helped me out of a potentially heartbreaking situation when i was pregnant with my oldest son. i've never forgotten that and never will. shout out to saint jude, y'all!!
three) i'm a texan. despite eight years we just spent freezing buns in alaska, my heart longed to return to texas and we finally did last may. thank goodness!

3. one thing i've learned on the influence network
let your flag fly. seriously. love jesus, love your blog, be your funky, creative, faith-filled self. hallelujah!

happy wednesday, friends!



  1. I LOVE your one thing you have learned from influence! How awesome :)

  2. I love how we get to just be ourselves and to be it loudly and happily on the network! So great.

  3. I agree, being a stay-at-home mom is SO HARD!!! And I only have two. It's enough to make me think twice about having more any time soon. Even though I want like 4 more. I just don't know how I would survive...........

    I just moved away from Texas, although I'm not from there originally. It really is a nice place to live! Although I'm sure the scenery in Alaska was probably 10 times better. :P

  4. I love Texas! I'm hoping to move there this summer. Where in the state do you live?