Thursday, March 21, 2013

needle felting and my bloody fingers

let's just say it's one step below the required dexterity and timing that operating a hot glue gun requires. i'm terrible with glue guns. my husband hates it when i have one fired up when the kids are awake because i  have a talent for getting the glue strings and third degree burns everywhere. eveeeeeerywhere.

and a tool with six sharp, tiny needles that requires you to stab a ball of roving wool over and over and over again into oblivion? well, let's just say i feel for diabetics who have to poke their fingers multiple times a day. it hurts! (and i've managed to ruin some light-colored wool with blood spots. awesome, right?)

today i worked on a cat for a fairy house my mom is building for my grandmother. she said she needed a cat for nanny's fairy. i remember pop's cat bg passed away this year and i'm pretty sure, if i remember correctly, bg was white. so white it is. this is the second bg i had to make because of the afore-mentioned blood splatters. that poor prototype looks like it didn't quite make it across the road to the other side. but THIS bg is pretty darn cute, even if he doesn't have eyes. i can't quite do eyes yet. they're hard.

and beside bg, i made a fairy of sorts. i love purple. it hides blood reeeeally well.

And just for fun, here's a picture of what kenna did in the short two minutes i was shooting the photos. nilla wafers and corn chips and a floor. glorious!


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  1. It's a chip and cookie salad! Nom! and no dishes! :) Just kidding...

    Really though, WAY COOL!