Monday, May 6, 2013


There's something so in-your-face and FUN about flamingos. That, and the fact that they owe their high profile look to their diet.

Sure wish I owed my high-profile and fabulous look to my diet. All I owe to my food intake is a muffin top and some indigestion. Blah.

I love the bright colors that usually accompany flamingo-ish art. Bright pinks and warm oranges. Soft blues and greens. It's summer and it's happy and it's cheery. Hooray, FLAMINGOS!

This week's moodboard gets us ready for warmer temps. For Florida. For trailer parks across the country as they roll out their kiddie pools and lawn decorations. FLAMINGOS!

This week's flamingos are all from Etsy.

Oh, did I mention....FLAMINGOS!

1. Flamingo Art Photo by elgoboart
2. Tiny Pink Lawn Flamingo by TinySculptor
3. Flamingo Painted Glasses by FoxTailGlass
4.  Pink Flamingos Modern Cross Stitch Kit by TinyModernist
5. Pink Flamingo Bracelet by HonkusGrogana
6. Pink Flamingo Giclee Print by trachtart

1 comment:

  1. Cute!
    The first time I ever saw a flamingo was when my husband and I went to San Diego for a long weekend back in 2002. We walked in to the SD Zoo and there were dozens of them just vibrantly there and ready to greet us. They blew me away- it was so stunning and gorgeous to see them congregating there. That image is seared into my brain, I LOVE it!