Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pretty Little Life

A year ago TODAY we got off the plane at 6:34 a.m. in Houston, Texas. 

Happy anniversary to us!

It's summertime here. I don't care if it's not officially June 21 or whatever the official first day of summer is. It's HOT and HUMID and we're all drinking lemonade. SUMMER!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, friends!

I have too many baby food jars around. So I stick stuff in them. Paintbrushes. Pencils. Toothbrushes. Stolen moss. It's pretty.

High-rise apartments in Downtown Houston. None of my kids wanted to dream about living there because none of my kids care for elevators. It's true.

These clouds turned into thunderstorms 20 minutes later. At least they started out really pretty, right?

A little mint garden on the porch.


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